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around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

We will be collating a list of routes and resources to help find your way around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie on bike.

Council resources:

Web tools:


See the City

Check out our page of four tourist orientated cycling routes centered around the old Civic train station (now the Newcastle Visitor Information Centre) -

Bike Routes

These routes are provided as directions in Google maps - click the link on your Android phone and they should load up in Maps. When you 'start' the directions you will get GPS assisted voice navigation to make your trip simple to complete. One trick though - the directions include waypoints which we use to make sure the routes follow the cycleways or quieter streets - as you reach the waypoint your phone will say "you have reached your destination". You have to click the 'Continue' button in Maps to have the guide resume for the next waypoint or final destination.

We are looking to add similar links for Apple Maps in the near future.

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